How Does Insurance Work For A Newborn?

Expecting a newborn is a stressful experience on its own; it becomes even more so when you start asking yourself about whether or not your baby will have health coverage once he/she is brought into this world. The good news is that depending on your health plan, you would ensure your newborn’s health coverage.  

How long after a baby is born is it covered under the mother’s insurance?

For the first 30 days of life, your child is covered under the mother’s insurance; on the 31st day, this coverage ends. Once the extension period is over, the parents need to acquire or modify their health care plans to accommodate their newborns.     

Is my newborn automatically covered on my health plan?

Newborns are automatically covered on the parents’ health plan for the first 30 days; however, after this period is over, the parents will need to either enroll or modify their current health plan to include their newborn. Since childbirth is a qualifying event, you qualify for a special enrollment period up to 60days after your child is born. 

Can I add my newborn to my insurance after 30 days?

Children can be added to insurance plans up to 60 days after the birthdate of the newborn. Parents don’t have to wait for the open enrollment period to enroll or change their current health insurance plans.  

When do babies need dental insurance?

Babies need dental insurance around when they get their first tooth or right on their first birthday. It is important to have dental insurance for babies as the dentists can check for inflamed gums, tooth decay and ensure good dental hygiene.

At what age do babies need vision insurance?

Eye exams usually start when the child reaches three years old, and therefore, your child needs to be covered by the age of 3. What coverage includes differs depending on the health plan you have; nevertheless, most health plans cover eye exams, glass lenses and frames, and contacts.  

What is the best health insurance for having a baby?

The three best insurance plans for having a baby are Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act, and job-linked coverage. These are considered the best and most affordable health plans suitable for pregnancy and newborns. Depending on your income and whether your employer provides health coverage, you can choose the most appropriate plan out of the three.