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What We Do ?

We customize health coverage to fit your specific needs. Health insurance isn’t  “one size fits all” deal. We have different needs, and the meaning of quality coverage may not be the same for everyone.

At the Art of Insurance, we take our time to talk to you, get to know your situation, and look at all the options available in your area to be sure that plan you select is the best possible plan for you.

Personal Plan / Family Plan / Group Plan / Small Business /



Insurance plans

Here you can see our insurance plans that include individual, group and family plan.

Individual / Family
The perfect alternative to the ACA or pricey employer packages. Cheaper rates for family members, and great PPO coverage so you’re totally covered no matter where you go
Small Business
Learn which health care packages are most beneficial to you, your employees, and your family. The best health care coverage for the best rates, and a benefit to your business.
Short Term
Customized coverage for life transitions, build the benefits you want, for the price you want. Make the coverage last for as long as you need! No long contracts. No cancellation fees.

Licensed To Help

It takes patience, care, and attention to detail to fine tune plans in order to fit the specific needs of the individual.
We don’t just help get you a health care plan, we listen, we educate, we create.

dalton mauro

Dalton Mauro

Health Care Advisor // Artist

Dalton Mauro is a media artist and licensed Health Care Advisor. Being raised in a deaf house hold, Mauro is fluent in American Sign Language (ASL) and runs his practice with the profound belief in the importance of equal accessibility to knowledge, and life necessities such as quality affordable health care.

His background in Fine Arts, as well as ASL has allowed him to provide his team with unique training – ensuring all our clients their own individualized health care experience.

What customers say

I had TONS of calls for insurance, but Dalton got my business because of his honest clear information and helpful nature. Thank you Dalton For Helping me chose the best and most convenient plan.

Dianne L. Powell

Dalton has definitely been a blessing during my search for insurance. He’s extremely knowledgeable and is willing to help in any way he possibly can. I definitely recommend him to all my friends who need insurance in the future.


I had the pleasure of talking to Dalton! I had a wonderful customer service experience and he was patient enough to go through all the options with me. There are not a lot of professionals willing to do this nowadays.

Ana Sofía López


Here you can see our insurance plans that include individual group and family plan.

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