Meet the Team

Dalton Mauro

Health Care Advisor

Founder of the Art of Insurance; Dalton started the company shortly after becoming a Licensed Agent. He found that one of the most common issues he came across was the complete lack of understanding that most people were experiencing when it came to the American health care system. Information could be confusing, the calls overwhelming, and the scams countless. 

Being raised in a deaf household, Mauro is fluent in American Sign Language (ASL) and runs his practice with the profound belief in the importance of equal accessibility to knowledge, and life necessities such as quality affordable health care.

Anisa Ahmed

Coverage Consultant

Partner at the Art of Insurance; Anisa joined the company after 4 years in the field of Education. She too had recognized that lack of access to information is a crucial problem in the health care system and uses her background of teaching to help facilitate health care education for all Americans. The most difficult thing about navigating a system primarily based on sales is finding honest and non biased information. Anisa works to ensure that information on available and quality health insurance plans are accessible to the public and easy to understand. In addition, Anisa handles community outreach and all philanthropic endeavors of the business.