What Are Child-Only Health Plans? And What Do They Cover?

Child-only plans are insurance policies that people opt for to ensure the health coverage of their children. Depending on people’s circumstances, there are different reasons why children are sometimes not included in job-related insurances. However, not everyone qualifies for child-only plans depending on various factors (financial and non-financial); you can find out if you are eligible through the federal marketplace interface.    

What Is A Child Only Coverage?

Child-only coverage is a health coverage plan where the policyholder is under 18, and the parent or guardian is not covered. This may seem strange to some, but child-only plans are more popular than some may think as different circumstances drive people to choose plans and policies for the sole purpose of covering children.

Some parents can’t afford plans that cover both the guardians and the kids, and job-linked insurance plans sometimes do not cover the children or when it does, it is entirely out of their budget. Some insurance companies stopped offering child-only plans as they believed that people only purchase this coverage when their children get sick.        

Can I Get Health Insurance Just For My Son?

 Child-only plans are fairly popular, and yes, it is possible to acquire health insurance plans for just your children. One of the best solutions for parents opting for child-only plans is to check their Medicaid eligibility as parents pay little to no money for child-only coverage through it. Nevertheless, eligibility is related to financial and non-financial rules and guidelines, and not everyone can meet all the criteria.    

Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) | Medicaid

 If your children are not covered, and you are looking for a suitable insurance plan, they may qualify for CHIP – Children’s Health Insurance Program. 

This is considered a low-cost insurance plan, usually beneficial for parents who earn more money than needed to qualify for Medicaid. CHIP works hand in hand with the states’ Medicaid programs, and some even offer pregnant women coverage. Each state has different policies and guidelines regarding CHIP; eligibility applications are open all year round; you can check your eligibility at any time of the year.  

Are Child-only Policies Available Through Marketplace?

 The Affordable Care Act obliges that insurance plans are sold on the public Marketplace to have a corresponding plan for children under the legal age. Affordable Health Insurance to cover children only is available in both public and private health insurance plans.