When Is Open Enrollment For Ambetter 2020?

Ambetter is a special insurance plan provider that doesn’t directly sell to health insurance plans to individuals. It instead sells it to insurance companies. So what is Ambetter? What are its benefits? How do you qualify? And when can you enroll?

About Ambetter Insurance

Ambetter health insurance is a plan provider for different insurance companies. In turn, these companies sell these plans in the insurance marketplace. Ambetter is considered an “on-exchange” insurance option. Simply put, it doesn’t sell insurance directly to you. However, it comes with a trade-off as it offers one of the cheaper insurance rates, but it is only available in limited states (11). Furthermore, Ambetter provides three tiers of plans;

Amber Essential Care

One of their cheapest plans, averaging $320 premium with a high deductible of $6800.

Amber Balanced Care

A mid-tier plans offering a $460 premium along with a cheaper deductible of $6500

Amber Secure Care

The highest tier option costing $1000 deductible in cooperation with a maximum out-of-pocket of $6350.

It is also worth adding that, All tiers of insurance plans offered by Ambetter can include both Dental and Visual checkups.

Ambetter also grants clients a reward system called My health pays, a service that earns you money by partaking in health visits and treatments. The rewards can be claimed for multiple services (Groceries, Paying premiums, bills). Additionally, Ambetter provides its insured with a 24/7 nurse call line free of charge. 

Qualifications for Ambetter

As mentioned before, Ambetter doesn’t sell insurance plans directly to you. Instead, clients have to purchase Ambetter health insurance through an insurance company partnered with them during the open enrollment period. (1st of November to the 15th of December).

Patients who recently had a qualifying life event are granted a special enrollment period that allows them to enroll in Ambetter health insurance. This period allows you to enroll in insurance plans regardless if it’s an open period or not. 

How do I enroll in Ambetter 2021?

To enroll in an Ambetter insurance plan that takes action in 2021, you will need to enroll in the 2020 Open enrollment period. Signing up for an insurance plan in 2020 will grant you coverage for the remaining duration of 2020 and the entirety of 2021. You can also enroll in an Ambetter 2021 plan if you had a qualifying life event in 2021.


Ambetter is a unique insurance plan in the marketplace that offers many benefits and rewards for its policyholders. Concurrently, adding many tiers at many price ranges. Thus, it should be considered when deciding on an insurance plan. If you are still unsure about which insurance provider to choose, whether you are eligible for Ambetter or discuss insurance policies, consult our experts. We will answer you free of charge. Just fill the form below.