How Much Does A Vasectomy Cost Without Insurance ?

1 out of 5 men in the United States has chosen to become sterile. This process is called a vasectomy. So what is it? Why did they choose to do it?  And how much does it cost?

What is a Vasectomy

Vasectomy, also known as male sterilization is a surgical process that aims to protect against pregnancy permanently. This simple and quick surgery is done by doctors in an office or hospital.

Essentially, the small tubes in your scrotum are cut or blocked off, these tubes carry sperm, and when they are blocked, sperm doesn’t leave your body. Furthermore, there are more than 2 types of vasectomies.

The Incision method

This method of Vasectomy can be performed by making one or two cuts on the skin of your scrotum to block your tubes. They can be blocked by cutting a tiny part of each tube, tied, or closed with an electrical current (cauterizing). This whole process lasts around 20 minute.

The No cut method

A no-scalpel vasectomy is a procedure in which your doctor punctures a small area to reach your vas deferens tubes in order to tie or shut them completely. It is a safer procedure because the tiny hole can heal quickly.

Overall, vasectomies are 100% effective in birth control. The two procedures are quick, painless, and permanent. However, One should know that after a vasectomy, sperm still remains in your body for more than 3 months. So practice safe intercourse during the 3 months period. After that, your semen will have no traces of sperm which can’t get your partner pregnant. And generally speaking, your sperm and ejaculation will still look and feel the same.

Pros and Cons of vasectomy

Vasectomy is one of the best methods of birth control, it has the following benefits:

Effective: After the 3 months period of cleansing your body from sperm, vasectomy is 99% effective at birth control.

Convenient: Once your doctor gives you the green light to practice unprotected intercourse, you and your partner do not have to worry about pregnancy for the rest of your life. 

Natural: Vasectomies do not alter hormones, orgasms, or semen. You will still feel the same after a vasectomy. The only difference is that your semen does not contain any sperm.

On the other hand, vasectomies can cause some issues:

STD: You are not protected from sexually transmitted diseases. Practice safe intercourse using condoms.

Permanent: Vasectomies are permanent, meaning you can’t go back after doing it. Make sure you are aware of everything about vasectomies before deciding to do it.

Infection: Vasectomy procedures can cause infections during the incisions.

How Much Does a Vasectomy Cost without insurance

The price of a vasectomy depends on the location and medical faculty. Generally speaking, it can cost you upwards of $1000 out-of-pocket to get a vasectomy.

How Much Does a Vasectomy Cost with insurance

Most health insurance companies offer coverage of Vasectomies after meeting your deductible. Medicaid and Obamacare can also fully cover the cost if you qualify.

Final Words

Vasectomy can lift the burden of pregnancy for both you and your partner. In turn, this can improve your romantic and sexual life. The process is quick and cheap making it the optimal method for couples who are not interested in having a baby. You can consult our experts if you want to know which insurance plan covers a vasectomy.