What Happens If You Have Two Health Insurance Plans?


One way to counter being on a plan that has limited benefits is to secure a second health plan or method of insurance to supplement what your first health insurance plan is lacking.

Is It Illegal To Have Two Health Insurance Policies?

It is not illegal to have two health insurance plans in place at the same time. Additionally, it is not illegal to use the benefits of more than one health insurance plan to cover medical expenses.

How Do You Determine Which Insurance Is Primary And Which Is Secondary

Your primary health insurance will be the most comprehensive plan you have; however, if both of your health plans are full coverage, then the one you enrolled in first is your primary plan. However, whether your insurance is primary or secondary – how you use the benefits depends on what each policy covers and the different ways you can combine coverage for the best benefits.

How Does It Work If You Have Two Health Insurance Plans?

For example, if one of your plans does not cover co-pays, you can secure a secondary plan to do so. Furthermore, if the benefits of the co-pay covering plan are not as good as your primary plan in terms of treatment, you can use the one with the better benefits to cover the treatment.

Basically, secondary insurance plans are used to cover the out pocket expenses or a primary plan. All in all, a primary and secondary health care plan are interchangeable as needed.

What Is Supplemental Coverage ?

Supplemental Coverage are benefits that can be purchased separately from a plan in order to supplement what the plan’s benefits are lacking. Most times, it is only possible or is at least most beneficial to secure supplemental Coverage through the same provider as your primary plan.

For example, if you have Medicare, you will need to purchase supplemental options through Medicare directly. If you’re on a private health plan, you can secure it through the same provider as your plan.

Only in the public marketplace cases might it be more beneficial to secure supplemental products through a different (private market) provider. And this simply depends on the price of your options through the public market.

If you need supplemental insurance to help fill the gaps in Coverage of another plan you currently have, never hesitate to consult a specialist, and #ask the Art of Insurance.