Can Me And My Partner Get Separate Health Insurance

Married couples share many things like; savings, bank accounts, properties, cars, and many more than meets the eye.

When it comes to health insurance, there are options for couples’ insurance policies. What is a dependent? and should you merge or separate health insurance with your significant other?

Is a spouse considered a dependent on insurance?

Generally speaking, a spouse is considered a dependent. Meaning, they can include their lover in insurance plans. Spouses can also choose to include their significant other through employer insurance or marketplace insurance. There are many benefits to this.

Should married couples have separate health insurance?

Couples should review their needs and conditions before deciding on joint or separate health insurance. Many factors should be considered before deciding;

Health conditions

If your significant other has more health needs than you do, then you should consider separate health insurance because it can be cheaper. From another perspective, if both of you have low to none medical needs, then enrolling on a joint insurance plan might be the most optimal choice.

Personal preferences

Your or your partner might have different preferences when it comes to doctors or physicians. Thus, Choosing in-network medical facilities can lead to separate health insurance, or you can join your partner in their preferred health care facility.

Couples have up to 60 days after getting married to decide on whether they prefer separate or joint insurance plans. Moreover, couples who are expecting to start a family can also enroll in a family insurance plan. 

More Information

You and your partner might have different health conditions or different health care preferences. It is important to consider these differences when applying for insurance. Thankfully, you can consult our experts who can recommend fitting insurance plans free of charge.