Does insurance cover hearing aids for Tinnitus ?

According to the Hearing Health Foundation, more than 25 million Americans are affected by Tinnitus. It is safe to assume that Tinnitus is common for most folks. So what is it? And how can you treat it?

What is Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a condition in which a person hears buzzing or ringing noises constantly. Although it is a faint noise, it can indicate a serious problem such as hearing loss and potential tumors.

Tinnitus is especially common with the elderly and people who are exposed to loud noises regularly.

What are the treatments for Tinnitus?

Tinnitus has many treatment options depending on the severity of your condition. It can be as simple as extracting ear wax and cleaning your ear canal, to complex treatment of underlying blood vessel conditions. Furthermore, Tinnitus can also be treated with a white noise machine or a hearing aid.

White noise is any sort of pleasant background noise that isn’t a disturbance to your mental or daily life, such as; birds chirping, sea waves, noises of a coffee shop, and many more.

Tinnitus retraining

Tinnitus retraining is a form of treatment and therapy for patients who are affected by this specific condition. It is a fairly modern method of treatment that is composed of the following elements:

Directive counseling

Known also as CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy) – it aims at targeting behavior, habits, and patterns of thought that are mentally or physically harmful to the patient. In this case, it addresses Tinnitus and its mental tax on the patient.

Music therapy

Music therapy takes action to weaken Tinnitus neuronal activity by using music’s influence on the human mind.

Furthermore, Statistics have shown that Tinnitus retraining is the most successful treatment option (over 90%). As a result, it is widely implemented in hospitals and clinics.

Essentially, Tinnitus retraining tries to make the noise of Tinnitus a background noise that goes unnoticed.

How much does Tinnitus retraining therapy cost?

Tinnitus retraining combines both counseling and sound therapy. The procedure usually lasts between 12 to 14 months, and you can expect an average cost of $3000 in most clinics.

What you need to know is that insurance companies cover Tinnitus retraining only when it is medically necessary. To learn more about which insurance companies could cover you, please contact our experts who can answer all your questions free of charge.

Does insurance cover hearing aids for Tinnitus?

Unfortunately, Most insurance companies do not cover hearing aid costs. However, there are some financial aid options that you can apply for. Contact us to learn more.


Thanks to modern medicine and therapy, most Tinnitus cases can be resolved without any issues. Doctors can recommend simple solutions such as a white noise machine or partake in therapy to teach patients to live with Tinnitus.