How Does Health Insurance Work Between Jobs?

When switching or losing jobs, you might lose your employer insurance health plan. So how long does it last? And can you still benefit from health insurance between jobs?

What is considered a lapse in health insurance?

When payments are not received within the grace period, your health insurance is considered lapsed. You can still get covered during the grace period that is around 90 days.

How long does health insurance cover after a lapse?

If you had your health insurance recently terminated, keep in mind that it can remain active for at least a couple of months, depending on your insurance provider. In some cases, it can last for up to 3 years. Plans such as COBRA offer extended 18-month coverage of your previous employer after leaving your job. 

What are your options for insurance when between jobs?

After leaving your job, you are given a 60 day special enrollment period that allows you to enroll in new insurance plans regardless if it’s an open enrollment period or not. We recommend applying for short-term health insurance, also known as term health insurance. It is perfect for those that are in between jobs.

The client can set it up for a period that can span from a month to a year, and they can drop it without any consequences. Furthermore, short-term plans are cheap, costing around $40 premiums for the cheaper ones and $275 for higher-end.

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