How Much Does A Ct Scan Cost With Blue Cross Blue Shield

Symptoms vary from illness to illness; doctors need to resort to screenings and tests to identify the disease. One of these scans is CT scan, which stands for computed tomography scan; it utilizes X-rays and computers to produce a highly detailed body image. This technology is costly, so clients have to rely on insurance.

BCBSA, also known as Blue cross blue shield association, is a federation of multiple states health insurance companies that provide health care and insurance for more than 106 million people. So What is a CT scan? and how much does it cost? And how much does BCBS cover?

What is Ct Scan?

CT scans are much more detailed than a normal x-ray; it shows bones, soft tissues, muscles, fat, and blood vessels. The x-ray beam moves around the body, which allows for different viewing angles; the results are then sent to a computer that displays them on a monitor. In some cases, patients might be given a special dye that can be injected or ingested. It allows for specific parts to be better seen during the scan.

Ct Scan Cost Without Insurance?

Costs of CT scans vary depending on the state. The quote includes Technical and Professional fees;

Technical: Patients pay for the cost of running, maintaining, and repairing a CT scanner; this also includes the cost and upgrades of the scanner.

Professional: This includes the wage of paying professionals who administer, operate, and read scans.

Unfortunately, in some establishments, an overhead fee might also be included. The payment equates to the cost of running the clinic or hospital, utility cost, and in some cases, rent.

Depending on the location and establishments, we can estimate the average cost of a CT scan between $270 and $5,000.

About Blue Cross Blue shield

BCBS is an association that has been providing healthcare since 1982. It is a federation of 36 unique health insurance companies that provide services over the 50 states and over 170 countries. 95% of the doctors and hospitals in the USA recognize and associate with Blue Cross Blue Shield. It offers coverage for most medical procedures; doctor screenings, prescriptions, vaccines, and scans. Members have multiple payment methods such as; deductibles, copayment, co-insurance, out-of-pocket….etc.

Policyholders of BCBS are granted a Membership card that makes them eligible for treatment in any medical faculty that is partnered with Blue Cross Blue Shield.

How Much Does A Ct Scan Cost With BCBS

Insurance providers decide to cover CT scan costs depending on many factors like the severity of the patient’s conditions, the location of where the scans were taken (Emergency room or a physician’s office….), and the intensity of the service (How many scans were needed to take…).

A general rule of thumb is that if a CT scan was used for diagnosis, the insurance company did not cover the cost.

Most patients can expect some insurance coverage, specifically, clients who are under the BCBS insurance coverage. They can expect an average cost ranging from $400 to $700.

More Information

Patients can qualify for insurance coverage when partaking in scans and tests. It mostly depends on their conditions and treatments. It can be a bit confusing, if you would like to learn more about Ct scan and health insurance, fill the form below or contact us.