Blue Cross Blue Shield Open Enrollment For 2020

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) is an international association that provides healthcare for more than 107 million members in over 170 countries. What is BCBS? and how do you qualify?

What is Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield is an association that has been providing healthcare since 1982. It is a federation of 36 unique health insurance companies that serve all the 50 states. Furthermore, 95% of the doctors and hospitals in America recognize and associate with BCBS. Blue Cross Blue Shield is a favorable insurance provider among the people, as it offers coverage in multiple areas such as; Doctor visits, Scans, checkups, vaccines, and many more. 

BCBS members receive a card that allows them to receive treatment in all the 50 states. It also grants the freedom of choosing an HMO and PPO. The cost of BCBS insurance premiums on an individual level costs around $388. Additionally, policyholders can get coverage by meeting deductibles, copay, co-insurance.

Qualifying for Blue Cross Blue Shield 2021

Like any marketplace insurance plan, you can enroll in a BCBS insurance plan during the open enrollment period (1st November until 15th December). However, if you are eligible for a qualifying life event, you are granted a special enrollment period, which allows you to subscribe to insurance plans regardless of the date.

How To Enroll In BCBS

Blue Cross Blue Shield offers flexibility and multiple benefits for its clients. Along with its worldwide and national reputation, it has become a well known and staple insurance option for the American people.

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