What Is The Best Health Insurance To Have While Pregnant

The majority of insurance plans cover both pre and post-pregnancy. This plan is often called “Maternity care” and “Newborn care.” So what’s the deal with insurance and pregnancy?

Is pregnancy a pre-existing condition for health insurance

Any illness or injury that you had before applying for health insurance is considered a pre-existing condition. However, in most states, pregnancies are not considered as pre-existing conditions, while others do.

Can a pregnant woman be denied health insurance?

No, getting pregnant before applying for health insurance is not considered as pre-existing conditions in most states. Thus, you cannot be denied coverage or charged more due to pregnancy. Furthermore, most insurance providers offer multiple plans for pregnant women that cover weekly checkups, scans, delivery, and many more.

Changing health insurance during pregnancy

Switching insurance plans during pregnancy is not recommended because coverage options will be limited. Despite that, switching plans in the early stages of pregnancy is not an issue. Ultimately, pregnant women have the freedom to change plans whenever they want.

Best health insurance plan for pregnancy

Most insurance plans provide plans for mothers that are ranging from but not limited to:

Employer coverage

Employers pay for premiums; this can be provided by both the mother or the father.

Marketplace insurance

They provide maternity care and all health conditions under ACA. Furthermore, pregnant mothers cannot be denied coverage.


For those who cannot afford or receive insurance plans, then you can still be covered by Medicaid. It covers both Maternity and newborn policies.


Pregnant mothers have many options when it comes to insurance. Make sure to consult our experts; we’re ready to answer all of your questions free of charge.